A Good Habit – Journaling

With crisp white pages bound in an elegant gold trim, my journal extends my brain.  With beautiful patterns of pink, blue, salmon, and gold, I love my journal. A rather simple book selected from the Kroger office supply section.

I looked through the variety of journals.  Some were expensive. Others too small. This one was just right.  The price, size and quality all came together to provide the perfect sound board of thoughts, ideas, notes and gratitude.

This little journal is my go to each morning upon waking.  Each day I date and time stamp the page, followed by a daily gratitude habit.  I write three things I am grateful for as they come. This little habit adds positivity throughout my day.

As the day goes if a writing idea pops in my head into the journal it goes.  The idea waits its turn, with the possibility one day of becoming a writing piece.  If a thought comes up, I add it to the page. Things to note or look up also become part of the journal.

This simple notebook has transformed my daily life.  That’s a bold statement, but it’s true. This notebook is my sidekick, helping to organize many thoughts running through my head.  With those thoughts captured in one place I can pull from them with ease.

In addition, taking pen to paper is a soothing exercise.  Different from typing, which I also love, it seems so simple and freeing.  Pen and paper need no internet connection or computer. Just me, the pen, and the journal.

However, I do not use the journal to write long pieces for fear my hand will wear out.  It’s a tool to capture short snippets of thoughts and ideas.

One day this journal will become full.  What will become of this one?  As the first one used I will not discard it. For there will be tons of good ideas, thoughts, and many days of gratitude contained within.  It will be housed on the shelf above my desk along with future journals.

This journal is my expression, my muse, my inspiration, and my dose of positivity.  I look forward to filling the pages.

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