A Butterfly Sanctuary of Our Own

A short walk from our cabin there is a place where butterflies flutter free.  Here they thrive on wild growth.  On any day one will encounter 20 or more.  Flying above your head, dipping here and there, or resting on a tall pink flowering plant.  Last year I do not recall as many.  But this year they are abundant.  As I stop along the path I take in the peace and serenity of this magical place.


2 responses to “A Butterfly Sanctuary of Our Own”

  1. Used to see Monarchs all the time when I was growing up but not very much anymore. I have seen only 2 this year. They’re all hanging out in your neck of the woods. 😀

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    1. This year I planted flowers to attract them since their numbers have been low. However, nature took it in her own hands. The wild flowers are really attracting them & I love it.


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