Jay & Jeannie’s Wedding

It was a beautiful September day, mid-week in Story, IN.  If you have never visited Story, it’s like stepping back in time.  This quaint town is buried deep in Brown County.  Following a winding road for quite some time, Story appears in a bend in the road.  Most do not happen to come across this gem.  Most set out with this destination in mind.  Complete with a small footbridge, restaurant, inn, and a bar.

On this particular day, two dear friends decided after twenty years it was time to make their love official.  With a small gathering of their family and friends and the threat of rain gone, Jay and Jeannie declared their love on a small footbridge in Story, IN.

Immediately following the simple yet lovely ceremony, photographs were taken.  Followed by drinks and dinner in the restaurant.  The entire room was beautifully decorated.  Much love, conversation, and laughter filled the room as the evening passed by.

Congratulations to this wonderful couple, I am happy to call my wonderful friends.  May you enjoy your married life for years to come.

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