2018 Recap: Books

The Future of Humanity Book

With a total of 30 books read this year, I enjoyed a wide variety.  The places the novels took me and the wealth of knowledge gained from the non-fiction.  Book number 30, I am still reading but I plan to finish it up by December 31st.  From futuristic to distant past, from space to deep in Mississippi, I enjoyed the ride.  I noticed I read three novels with prison as the subject.  Interesting, it was quite by accident but something I realized tallying up my books for the year.  I also read 5 books about space, not a surprise there, as I am intrigued by space.

Hard to pick a favorite out of this bunch.  There were many I loved.  A few I did not but overall my picks were good choices.

If I had to pick just one, it would be Michio Kaku’s “The Future of Humanity”.  Probably one of the best books I have ever read.

The last three books of the year.


“Less” by Andrew Sean Greer

Fiction, 261 pages.

This book ended up capturing my heart.  A wonderful story of Arthur who is turning fifty and venturing around the world dealing with a love loss.  About halfway through, I thought of giving up on this book.  However, as the story went along I was drawn into his adventures around the globe.  A delightful and heartwarming story with vivid descriptions.

“The Mars Room” by Rachel Kushner

Fiction, 336 pages

I really enjoyed this book.  The story follows Romy who is sentenced to prison for consecutive life sentences.  Interesting descriptions of life on the inside at a state women’s prison.  My only complaint, the book ended rather abruptly.  I was hoping for more of the story.  Overall a great book interweaving her life before and during her prison sentence.

“Number One Chinese Restaurant” by Lillian Li

Fiction, 288 pages

Currently, I am still reading this one.  Almost halfway through I am really enjoying the story.  This novel follows the family and staff of a Chinese restaurant.  The author tells the story of different characters and their troubles while working at the restaurant.



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