2018 Meditation Goal Met!

365 meditation

On December 22, 2018 I reached a milestone in my meditation practice.  One I never expected to achieve.  Last year, I attempted Insight Timer’s 365 days of meditation.  I failed at that attempt.

This year I did it!  December 22, 2018 officially marked 365 consecutive days of meditation.  I stuck with it and made it happen and it feels great to achieve this goal.

Over the course of 365 days I made meditation a priority and a daily practice.  Now it would feel weird not to meditate.

In the end it was not as hard as I anticipated.  I simply set aside a small amount of time every day to dedicate to this highly beneficial practice.

A huge thanks to the app Insight Timer.  You helped make meditation a part of my daily life and for that I am grateful!


Happy New Year everyone.  May 2019 be the best year yet!



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