Week 5 & 6 : Symmetry & Unfiltered

After remaining inside to stay warm during our polar vortex weather, we got a nice break today. With temperatures in the low 60’s F, it was perfect weather for a day hike.

Today I tackled week 5 & 6 of the 52 week photography challenge.

Week 5 : Composition: Symmetry Landscape

Week 6: Inspiration: #NoFilter

No edits were applied to the photo below in keeping with the challenge.

Both photos were taken with my cell phone. The Nikon remained behind for today’s hike. Of course I love my Nikon but I wanted to enjoy the hike and a beautiful February day instead of focusing on my camera. The cell phone helped to capture a few moments throughout the day without being intrusive.

Location: Greencastle, IN
Depauw Nature Park

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