Four Books Down for 2019

Books Read

Four books so far for 2019.  All were great reads.  After reading “The Handmaid’s Tale” I watched the Hulu series and was hooked.  I’m anxiously awaiting the third season.  “Meet the Frugalwoods” made me think differently about spending money.  We already live a pretty frugal life out here in the woods but it inspired me to give up my sometimes weekly fast food.  Added bonus, I feel better for it.  “The Woman in the Window” was quite the psychological thriller.  “The Garden Party” was a celebration of very different families joining when their children married.

Here’s the specs in case you are interested in any of the above books.

  1.  “The Handmaid’s Tale”  by Margaret Atwood (Fiction) 350 pages
  2.  “Meet the Frugalwoods” by Elizabeth Thames (Non-fiction) 225 pages
  3.  “The Garden Party” by Grace Dane Mazur (Fiction) 212 pages
  4.  “The Woman in the Window” (Fiction) 427 pages

Currently reading “Mississippi Blood” by Greg Iles.  I’m only halfway through but it’s a page turner for sure.


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