Dealing With the Unexpected

A few weeks ago we faced a potential difficult situation.  With limited information we were unsure how this would affect our daily living.   When this happened it reminded me why I practice yoga and why I meditate daily. Both are beneficial but especially helpful in navigating life’s challenges and our chosen paths.

My theme for 2019 is flow.  During times of stress it’s normal to forget our focus or yearly theme.  But if one good thing comes from a time of stress, it’s the learning experience.

What did I do right in this situation?

Using meditation techniques I’ve learned along the way I moved into a calming mode.  I let go of worry and stress. This was an important time to remind myself of my theme for the year. Regardless of the outcome I must flow with what comes my way.

Gratitude played a big part in helping to move past the unexpected. Despite this event, listing the numerous things I am grateful for set my mind at ease.  Instead of focusing on the negative aspect I tried to shift my focus to the positives. This was the toughest part.

What did I do wrong in this situation?

Plenty, but less than I would have in the past.  Without having all the facts, I let my mind wander.  I allowed worry to take over. The worse case scenario presenting itself and feeling depressed by the potential negative outcome.  I did not have patience to wait for more information. When I could have used that information to formulate a game plan.

What can I do next time an unexpected event comes up?

Practice patience.  Remain positive. Use meditation to curb worry the best I can.  Apply the principles of equanimity learned through my yoga practice. Or simply practice yoga to let go.

Continue a regular gratitude practice. This is one of the single most important ways to deal with unexpected events.

There is always room for improvement. Look at past reactions to find ways to grow and learn from those experiences.

For this particular situation, all worked out fine.  The worry was unnecessary, but I learned a great deal.  Tools I will apply when the unexpected shows up in my life again.






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