A December Wedding: Piper’s at the Marott

Client spotlight :  A new addition to the blog.  Instead of a traditional blog post I will spotlight some of my sessions with clients.  Each will include a short blurb at the beginning, followed by a series of photographs from their session. 

This wedding took place the middle of December.  A cold, wet day outside but warm and full of love inside Piper’s at the Marott.  Located just north of downtown Indianapolis, this venue was perfect for a cold December day.  The beautifully decorated interior  accentuated the lovely couple.

There were many highlights to their special day but one in particular stands out.  At the reception the groom gave a thank you speech like I have never seen before.   He made it a point to individually thank each and every table as part of his speech.  Around the room he went naming each table and thanking them for sharing in their special day.

Getting Ready

The Details

The Ceremony

The Reception

The Bride, Groom & Son

Congrats to The Tompkins.  May you have many years of happiness!


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