Bloody Mary Saturday & Blog Catch Up

Blog post-5

As I sat here this afternoon sipping on a Bloody Mary while reading through blogs here on WordPress, I thought I have slacked on the blogging front.  This is the first time in months I sat down to actually read through my favorite blogs that I follow.  I realized how can I expect anyone to look at my blog if I never take the time to look at theirs.

It also occurred to me I fell off the posting wagon this year.  Sure I usually post a photo for the 52-week photography challenge and the books I read.  But overall, my activity on this blog has come to a slow crawl.

Let me point out I’m interested in maintaining this photo blog.  The last thing I want to do is abandon it.

So I grabbed my camera and snapped this shot.  I call it my current situation.   Now it’s back to catching up on all of the things you fabulous bloggers have posted.

I do apologize for my absence from reading, commenting, and liking.  It’s nothing personal.  But I am back just in time for our busy month of May and the summer, so maybe not back on a completely regular basis.  We shall see.


One response to “Bloody Mary Saturday & Blog Catch Up”

  1. ” I realized how can I expect anyone to look at my blog if I never take the time to look at theirs.” Oh, I can relate to this comment! It can definitely be a challenge fitting in the reading and the viewing and the commenting. I tend to do it in bursts. Thanks for making the time for your visits to my own blog. 🙂

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