A Tribute to Past Families

I have had the pleasure of photographing and getting to know many different families over the years.  Family photography always brings a smile to my face.  I love watching the interaction between them.  Either capturing candid moments or getting everyone in the group to pose and look at the camera (at the same time).  All bring me joy.

Things do not always go as planned.  You learn to roll with it.  Change things up as necessary.  Be on top of your game and ready for the next unexpected moment.  Early on I learned leave the plan at the door.  See what comes up naturally and snap away.

From two 50th wedding anniversaries to the couple with their canine “son” about to get married.  Or watching two families grow with a new addition.  To the engagement shoot of a couple and their son wondering what took them so long to get married.  And the former co-worker home visiting family and choosing this photographer.

Each time I have the opportunity to photograph a family again, I feel honored.  It feels like they are part of my family.  I love seeing their kids grow and change.  It truly is the best part of my job.  Interaction with people you may never have met otherwise.  Each family is unique and different and I’m proud to be their photographer.

Looking forward to many more families over the years and watching my current ones grow.

Share your thoughts :-)

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