1961 Desk Completes My Office

I finally have my desk for my “new” workstation.  A couple of months ago I wrote about having to set up an additional workspace to compromise with my partner using my original desk.  A few weeks ago we upgraded our laptop from the Microsoft Surface to a Think Pad.  Which I love by the way!

This last week after walking around our local indoor flea market, this beauty caught my eye.  It was the last aisle we ventured down after looking through all of the other aisles for over an hour and half.  Shane jokingly commented as we arrived at this last aisle “you wait the one will be right around the corner”.  He was right.  This is the one.  Perfect for my writing, blogging, and photo editing.  I could not be happier with this nice solid piece built in October of 1961.  Such character and I can already feel the inspiration for a story brewing.

My office space is complete!  Now to do some writing.

Share your thoughts :-)

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