Week 24 & 25: Inspiration & Freedom

Nature, kayaking

For the 52-week photography challenge:

Week 24:  Inspiration: Who inspires you?
“Inspiration comes from many places. Tell us about who inspires you.”

Nature, inspiration

While away this past weekend on a kayaking trip I snapped some photos of our lovely and peaceful surroundings.  For Week 24, I decided to go with “What” inspires me instead of “Who”.  As you can see from this photo, nature is what inspires me in so many aspects of my life.


Week 25:  Story Telling: Freedom
“Freedom means many things to many people. Tell us a story about what Freedom means to you.”

Nature, kayaking

Sitting back and relaxing in a kayak on a lake, that’s freedom to me.  Absolute peace and beauty surrounds you as your kayak gently floats along.

*Note:  both photos were taken with my cell phone.  I would have enjoyed capturing all of this natural beauty with my Nikon but decided it was safer at home.  The best camera you have is the one on you. 


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