A Special Family Session With a “Newborn”

During the late spring a family with a very special four month old wished to have family photos.  You see Tyler was born 4 months early.  He spent his first few months in the ICU at Riley Children’s Hospital.  Fighting hard and with the help of his parents and excellent staff, Tyler finally came home to be with his family.

Shortly after his arrival home, the parents were excited to capture their family at the local park on a beautiful late spring day.  The weather was perfect, not to warm or too cold.  The sun was shining.  Perfect for photos.

Tyler slept through most of the session.

It was like having a newborn who happened to be 4 months old.  What a joy working with him and his parents.  Weighing less than 2 lbs at birth, he weighed a whopping 10 lbs at this session.

Last time I talked to his mom, he was gaining weight and getting bigger every day.   We both joked about him being a linebacker on the football team when he gets older.

It makes my heart smile to have the opportunity to preserve priceless memories such as these.  I remember taking their engagement photos and then their wedding photos.  How amazing to watch their family grow and overcome such an immense challenge.


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