Week 31-33 of the Photography Challenge

Kubota Tractor

Playing catch-up with the 52-week photography challenge.

Week 31:  Friends & Family

Story Telling: Friends and Family

“Telling the story of someone you know well is sometimes the hardest story to tell.”

Kubota Tractor

This little Kubota tractor belonged to our beloved neighbor and friend David Otto.  Sadly, he passed this past January.  Yet his memory lives on in many things, including this tractor we borrow from time to time from his grandsons.

Week 32:  Frame within the Frame

Composition: Frame within the Frame

“Using only natural elements, frame your subject. No actual picture frames allowed. ”

Sky framed in the trees

A beautiful blue sky with big fluffy white clouds framed by our majestic trees.  A nice view indeed.

Week 33:  Tell a Lie

Inspiration: Tell a Lie

“It is said that the “Camera Never Lies”. Prove it wrong.”

Stinging Nettle

What seems like an ordinary plant in the forest, actually has tiny needle like hairs on its surface.  When your bare leg brushes against it, you feel a stinging sensation.  Hence the name Stinging Nettle.

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