Under Construction: Be Back Soon

Please excuse the mess while this blog site is under construction.  Watch your step over there.  That pile of rubble might trip you up.

F-stopmama is undergoing some changes and will rejoin the blogging world soon.  How soon?  Hard to say.  As soon as I set a date, then I’ll drag my feet on completing this project.  However, I think I need a deadline.  Not a set in stone kind of deadline but a general timeline.

Why the change?  What’s going on?  A general rework is past due.  Currently, I maintain this blog along with my writing blog at My Writing Corner and I have my photography business website.  I am finding it hard to maintain everything as they sit right now.

After some deliberation, I have a solution.  I’m excited for the change and look forward to sharing it with you.

Expect to see the unveiling sometime in mid-September.  Until then, watch your step, it might get messy around here for a bit.  🙂

person nailing a block of wood on a plank
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

One response to “Under Construction: Be Back Soon”

  1. Excellent job👌👌👌👌


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