52-Week Photo Challenge: Weeks 34-38

Old foot bridge

I missed a month’s worth of the 52-week photography challenge while updating my website.  (Time well spent, you can see the post about the changes here.)  Yesterday, during my photo walk in our forest, I managed to capture some of the weeks I missed.  Here they are weeks 34-38.  The last one is obviously not from our forest.

Week 34:  Story Telling:  Color without Color

“Tell a colorful story, but do it in black and white.” 

Old foot bridge

This old foot bridge on our property finally broke after many years of use and weathering.  This time of year the small creek it crosses is dried up.  During the wet season, one must cross using roots as footholds or opt to get the feet wet.

Week 35:  Composition: Symmetry Portrait

“Symmetry is a strong compositional technique most often used in landscapes and architecture. So break the mold by using Symmetry in a portrait.”


Although this is not a person, I consider it a portrait of this beautiful flower.  The way it was standing tall, like it was begging to be photographed.

Week 36: Inspiration:  Your Habits

“Some habits are good, and some are bad. Your inspiration this week is either.”

Yoga & Wine

I opted for a photograph of both a good and “bad” habit of mine.  I adore yoga and wine, although not together.   This is becoming a thing in some studios but it’s not my thing.

Week 37:  Story Telling:  Seasons

“The weather is changing! Find inspiration in the seasons.”

Soybean field in fall

At the edge of our forest lies a soybean field not yet ready for harvest.  Beyond that a grove of trees just beginning to change colors set against a cloudless blue sky.

Week 38:  Composition:  Rule of Odds

“The rule of odds is easy enough to understand and employ. So use the rule of odds in an Urbanscape/Architecture photo.”

Plainfield Pedestrian Bridge

This pedestrian bridge in Plainfield seemed the appropriate subject for this week’s challenge.

Up Next Week:  Elements

2 responses to “52-Week Photo Challenge: Weeks 34-38”

  1. A good selection of images, Amy. I especially like the monochrome of the little bridge.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Sue. Yeah that is one of my favorites too!


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