Latest Reads: A Jewish Story; A Sci-Fi Planet; & A Brain Book


“” by Nathan Englander (Fiction, 203 pages)

What a great little book.  The story of a Jewish man on a quest to redeem himself for indiscretions during his father’s death.  The reader will find themselves being sucked in through a vividly told story.  Humerous, sad, happy, and ultimately a story of family.  In addition, I learned a lot regarding Jewish customs.

Books read-2

“The City in the Middle of the Night”  by Charlie Jane Anders (Fiction, 363 pages)

This was a great book with an intriguing world.  However, it took me some time to finish it and to get into it.  That might be in part because it was such a different world.  Set on another planet, presumably outside our solar system, it’s a tidally locked planet with part in the night and part in the day.  Two cities are set up, and much like humans on planet earth, there is conflict over limited resources.  Yet this planet has creatures who have learned to adapt to the planet’s weather and much is to be learned from them.  In the end I enjoyed this book and found myself reading 100 pages one day to find out how it ended.

Books read-3

“The Better Brain Solution”  by Steven Masley (Non-fiction, 254 pages, 322 with recipes)

I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially those with a higher risk of Alzheimer’s or dementia.  Honestly, I almost did not read this book.  I thought it was mostly about people with diabetes.  Glad I took a chance on it.  This book is full of practical advice and all scientifically backed.  Dr Masley did his homework and continues his work.  It was easy to understand and interesting to read.  He uses language that empowers the reader to make changes to their lifestyle and diet for better brain health.  Along with giving reasons to make those changes.  It inspired me and I am already taking steps to change some of my diet and lifestyle.

Current Read:  “We Are Completely Beside Ourselves”

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