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The Great Alone, book


“We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves”  by Karen Joy Fowler (fiction, 308 pages)

A great little gem of a book.  This one was not on my list to read.  While at the library looking for a couple of books, I stumbled upon this one.  A heartbreaking tale of a unique family and the pain some humans inflict on others.  The story moves throughout various timelines of the middle, end, and the beginning.  As a reader, paying attention is key for this book.  With it jumping around it’s easy to become confused on the timeframe.  Overall I enjoyed this book and recommend it to cozy up to this fall.

The Great Alone, book

“The Great Alone”  by Kristin Hannah (fiction, 438 pages)

I read a lot of great books.  However, this one is a cut above most.  The plot draws the reader in from the beginning.  Told masterfully with vivid descriptions and compelling characters.  By the end of the book I felt I knew them personally.   This novel transported me to the wildness of Alaska.  I felt the hardship, the laughter, and the sadness coming through the pages.  The words escape me to describe how much this book touched me deep in my soul.  Wonderfully written, beautifully told, and heart wrenching in it’s plot.  A must read and perfect for the fall and upcoming winter.


“The Creative Habit” by Twyla Tharp (non-fiction, 243)

Nice little gem of a book here. Drawing from her years of wisdom in dance and choreographer she gives practical advice for any creative not just dancers. From writers, to painters, to sculptures, and photographers this is a great read for any creative wanting to find a way to be more creative.   The main takeaway, you must make it a habit.  You cannot simply wait for the muse to hit you.

Books Read-3

“Dear Mrs. Bird”  by AJ Pearce (fiction, 276 pages)

Loved this book. What a wonderfully fantastic story. The main character Emmy was a joy and reminded me of myself in some ways. Always the one to go against the grain and do things her own way even if the potential to cause trouble is there. A great story set in England during the air raids of Hitler. Loved the inspiration of this story from old magazines of the 1930’s. A funny, sad, and heartbreaking life lived in a war zone. I highly recommend this book. I was hooked from the first chapter.

An inspiration to me as an aspiring writer, trying to write a novel.



“On Being Human”  by Jennifer Pastiloff (non-fiction, 320 pages)

I will be completely honest on this one, it was simply not my cup of tea.  There are plenty of people this resonated with, I’m just not one of them.  I appreciate the honesty of the author and the pure raw emotion that comes through this book.  However, it was quite a depressing read.  I admire all that the author overcame in her life.  I feel sad for one person to endure such pain in their lifetime.  I can also say I would not be one for her retreats either, just not for me.  This book was not on my list, but the title caught my eye and as someone who loves yoga, I picked it up thinking it would be different.  In the end I was glad when it was over.  Sorry to anyone that may have loved this book and to the author.  (I guess I am the one of the 100.)

Current Read:  “Lights All Night Long”

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