Whirlwind Trip to NYC + Photo Challenges

New York City - Times Square

November was an eventful month.  With the NaNoWriMo challenge, a quick trip to NYC, Thanksgiving, and Shane’s 50th, it was a whirlwind in itself.

I plan to write about this year’s NaNoWriMo experience in a later post.  This post is dedicated to our whirlwind trip to New York City.  It all started with a car.  After months of looking at several Volvo XC70’s across the country, Shane found the one for us in Connecticut.  Airline tickets were expensive and so upon advice we looked into flying into LaGuardia.  Tickets were half the price!  Plus we would have the chance to see New York City before taking a train up to Connecticut to pick up the car.  But we would only have the afternoon in the city.  Three, maybe four hours tops.  Needless to say it was a whirlwind but what a fun and exciting experience.  Our first visit to New York City.

With limited time we concentrated our stay in the Mid-Manhattan area, Times Square and Grand Central Station area.  As we had a train to catch out of Grand Central this made the most sense.   I brought my camera, of course.  But with limited time I grabbed shots here and there.  How I wished I could have spent more time capturing more of the city and exploring the other regions.  A return visit is on the list.

The day started with a 6 am flight out of Indianapolis.  We changed plans in D.C and onto LaGuardia from there.

Flight over NYC

Cell phone shot from the airplane over NYC

After landing, we caught a bus to the transfer station, where we asked which line would lead to Times Square.  Hopped on a train into the city.  After disembarking we were ready for a beer.  After enjoying a few beers and chatting it up with the bartenders it was time to see a few sights before our afternoon train to Connecticut.

Beers in NYC

The bartenders were helpful and very nice.  We had several samples along with a few beers.  Tasty indeed!

Times Square, a New York slice of pizza at Joe’s, Byrant Park followed by a short tour of the New York Public Library, and lastly ending up at Grand Central Station.

New York City - Times SquareNYC-2





Times Square, NYC

New York City - Public LibraryNYC-4NYC-5NYC-6



New York Public Library – This was a highlight for me as I love libraries and I’m an avid reader.  

New York City - Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

From there we took an hour and half train ride to Connecticut.  Where we were picked up by the guy driving the car we were buying.  Then another hour and half drive back to his house to finalize paperwork and get him back home.  By this time we were exhausted.  It was quite the day with planes, trains, automobiles, buses, and foot travel.

That evening we found a hotel an hour away and slept like babies.  The next day would be the 12-hour trek back to our home.  The new (to us) car drove like a dream.  It was so comfortable and spacious.  The hours and miles melted away.  We love the car!

Volvo XC70

Our “new” ride.  This car is ten years old but it doesn’t look it.  The previous owner took excellent care of it.  

Volvo Moose

Our car’s mascot, Maximoose.  

As I’ve been busy I opted to make some of my New York photos work for a few of the weeks of photo challenges I’ve missed.  Forgive the photos, they were taken in haste.

Week 47:  Composition:  Rule of Thirds – Emotion 

Composition: Rule of Thirds Emotion
“The rules of thirds is so popular because it is so versatile. This week use the rule of thirds to show emotion.”

Week 47- Rule of Thirds Emotion-1

The many people & emotions at Grand Central Station.  Some are in a hurry, worried, or even excited.  

Week 48:  Inspiration:  Current Events

“What is happening in the world today? Be inspired by current events.”

Week 48- Current Events-2

There is a lot going on in our world today but I thought this shot in New York City sums up part of what is going on.  Constant advertizing and vying for our attention around every corner.  

Week 49:  Storytelling:  Storms

“Storms are a powerful force of nature. Show us weather at its best.”

New York City -

No storm photos here, but I took the last part of “show us weather at it’s best”.  In our case, we were lucky to have overcast skies with a bit of sunshine for our trip to NYC.  The day before it was cold and sleeting. 

Up Next:  Week 50 Patterns

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