Week 50 & 51: Patterns & Food


As part of the 52 week photography challenge.  After this only 1 more to go!

Week 50:  Composition:  Patterns

“Patterns/Repetition are another well known compositional rule, but have you ever tried to use it in Macro Photography? Well now you can!”

Winter Pine Cone

While hiking I came across this lovely pattern lying on the forest floor.  A winter pine cone amongst the fallen pine needles.

Week 51:  Inspiration: Food

“Be inspired by Food. Yes it really is that easy this week. You made it this far you deserve the break. A sweet, delicious break.”


While visiting family last week in Michigan, I had the opportunity to enjoy some delicious sushi at The Chubby Trout.

May you all have a wonderful holiday season and a happy 2020!

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