A Winter Playdate With Nature

Today the sun was shining so we took up a date with nature.  This little gem of a park is located about 10 mintues from our house.  Quiet place, few people, and a meandering creek makes this a favorite for all three of us.  I loved the blue skies and the feeling of warm sunshine on my face in January in the Midwest.  A wonderful afternoon spent playing in nature.

Josie waiting impatiently for dad to throw the stick in the water.

Josie says “come on in the water is fine”.

A nice path up on the ridge line of the park.

The sky is beautiful!

Love the contrast of the winter trees against a bold blue sky.

The moon pictured here as the little white dot in the middle of the frame.


The Indiana Department of Natural Resources donated an 83 acre parcel of land to Morgan County. Along with help from Indiana Power and Light, the county gained a beautiful and special nature park. This site is held as a natural, low impact park for county residents. This park has a gorgeous native and improved wetland with winding, level trails, and one or two steep trails for additional exercise. The park includes shelter houses, parking areas, and hiking trails. At this time, there are no restroom facilities onsite.”

Burkhart Creek

After our hike today while we were sipping on Margaritas we watched the destruction from the Australian wildfires.  My heart goes out to all that are affected humans, animals, and plants.  We must take care of the only spaceship we have, planet earth.  She is beautiful and deserves our respect and love.  It saddens me to see this happening and all of the species we may lose from it.  Please do your part in protecting our planet!

All photos above are my own.  Please ask permission before using.  ©amypantone2020

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