“Becoming” by Michelle Obama

“Becoming”  By Michelle Obama – nonfiction (421 pages)

I finished my first read of 2020.  What a great book to start the year off with.  I give this one 5+ stars out of 5.  Michelle Obama richly tells her story with a lot of heart pouring forth from the pages.  It was interesting to learn her story.  I especially loved her take on what it was like to be the first lady and to live in the White House.  There was so much truth here.

Despite her being someone who appears to always have it together, this book reveals how her life is behind the scenes.  It gave me a new respect for those in the public eye and their day to day struggles.  It’s not all glamourous and terrific.

An inspiring book written by a down to earth, intelligent and classy woman.  I highly recommend this one if you haven’t already read it.

Forget the politics and dive into a truly amazing woman’s story.  Full of hope, sadness, loss, laughter, seriousness, and everything in between.  When you finish reading this you will feel like Michelle Obama is a good friend you’ve known for a long time, despite never meeting her.

Photo above ©amypantone2020

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