A February Hike & Signs of Spring!

A week ago the sun was shining with temperatures still a bit chilly but great for a day hike.  We chose this trail in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest.  Normally this place is lightly attended but on this particular day attendance was up.  People in Indiana are ready for spring!  In the midwest when the temperatures warm up even a little and the sun is shining in February, you take advantage and get outside.

We had a great hike with four humans (myself included) and three dogs (not pictured – no way would they sit still for a photo).  The dogs had a blast running off leash at times and playing in the flowing water of the creek.  After our hike we wore them out extra by stopping in at the Ferguson Dog Park about 20 minutes away.

I did not bring my Nikon along as I wanted to immerse myself in the hike and nature.  Pictured below is the only spot I took out my cell phone to snap a few photos.  I can’t resist capturing at least a few.


As you can tell by the icicles hanging down the temperatures were still on the chilly side.  But with the sun and physical activity it felt warmer.


I love this overhang of rock.  In the summer this spot would be refreshing with the cooler temperatures under the overhang.


Sheets of rock have fallen revealing the circular patterns left behind on the “ceiling”, as explained by my son, the middle school science teacher.

Just 9 days later (yesterday March 1st) the first signs of spring began around here.  Yesterday, sandhill cranes flew over.  Their sounds far above signal the first signs of the return of spring.  With temperatures nearing 60 F yesterday we took advantage and spent most of the day outside.  It was glorious!

Today, the next and my most anticipated sign of spring made an appearance.  I heard the sounds of the first spring peepers sounding their mating calls after a long hibernation.  They are awake and looking to party with the ladies.   Spring peepers are tiny frogs that together make quite the racket with their mating calls. It’s music to my ears, as they are usually one of the first signs of spring.

Yes, it’s the little things in life that make me smile.  Signs of renewal and life waking up from the long winter slumber is exciting to me.  Call me a nature geek and I’m ok with that.  Living out here it’s easy to notice all of the little changes that will add up to a completely different view around here in a matter of weeks.

Happy Spring!


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