A Catch Up Session From the 100 Acre Woods

About a month ago I posted about a winter hike and all was normal in the world around us (at least here in Indiana).  Now a month later, things are different.  Our state (like many others) are under stay at home orders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that is shaking up our entire world.

For us personally, not much has changed in reality.  We both work from home and we are here a lot so staying at home is not so hard for us.  Living on 100 forested acres doesn’t hurt either.  We are lucky and I am grateful for that every day.

Yet all of this has impacted me.  At first I found myself reading too many news stories and feeling the anxiety creep in.  Over time I’ve found more positive ways to deal with the situation we all find ourselves in.  I’m using yoga and meditation to stay fit in mind, body, and soul.  Through writing I’m processing my thoughts and feelings.  I’m taking advantage of this time to learn new things and add to my knowledge base.


Changing up the office a bit.  Hiking out to our “bar” in the woods to do some writing.  

As our libraries are closed I’m embracing (although relunctantly at first) reading books through our library’s online app.  It allows me to borrow the e-version of countless books.  Although I must say I still prefer turning the pages of an actual book.

And finally, I’m spending time in nature, the great healer of us all.  Again I know I am fortunate to live where I do and have nature in my backyard.  I am thankful every time I go for a hike that I have this.  Nature is calming, soothing, and wonderfully therapeutic.   I wish I could share this with everyone.  Plus it’s spring here and watching things come back to life is such a joy.


One of our creeks with spring popping up all around.  


Trees with their first signs of leaves coming back.  It won’t be long they will be full again.  

Mayapples everywhere, a sure sign of spring around here.  

In addition, we did our part to help out our local shelter by fostering two 11-month old puppies.  Let me tell you that was a trying experience.  Our two weeks with them is over and they are off to their next great adventure.  I wanted to give back in some way but I will say this, those two wore us the f#@k out!

wp-15868100270764768392465376392830.jpgThis is Colt.  A bit more wild of the two!  He scaled the fence at the dog park.  Yes he was the only dog on a leash at the dog park.  Crazy boy!

wp-1586810280305556333289845913518.jpgThis is Rooster (with Josie looking on), the somewhat smarter of the two.  Although he jumped off our 2nd story balcony so maybe not so smart.  (He was fine, surprisingly he walked away unhurt.)

wp-15868101251568588241242188251645.jpgThis is the only way I could get anything done.  They crate well together so that was a bonus.  

wp-15868103849298593645350467784058.jpgAnd our last night with them.  They were sweet pups but we are happy to have our house back to normal. 

wp-15868104358701571646796616354965.jpgThis is what I did after dropping them off and spending the afternoon putting the house back in order. 

wp-15868109371861446232388857621957.jpgI drank a lot of this while dealing with the two crazy pups and reading news articles. 

Lastly, Josie is blissfully unaware of the world’s plight and is enjoying hikes as usual.


As for my photography, I will admit to having very little drive or ambition to get my Nikon out and I really have no idea why.  Today after watching one of Nikon’s free online classes I’m finally feeling the urge to take out my Nikon and snap some shots.  All of the above photos are from my cell phone.  I hope my next post will feature my trusty Nikon again, she really is quite a work horse.

To everyone out there stay safe and well.  Stay positive and find ways to renew yourself during this time.  It is a rare opportunity for many to slow down and spend time within ourselves.  Most of all, let us all learn from this unprecedented experience and may we all come out of this as better humans.

Note: I’ve added links above to a few of the services/websites I’m using.  These are not afflilate links but my personal recommendations.

2 responses to “A Catch Up Session From the 100 Acre Woods”

  1. Amy, your property looks like the Indiana woods I remember from my childhood. In May and June, all of my Indiana relatives were talking about hunting for morels (one of my favorite childhood memories). Do they grow in your woods? Now that we’ve reached mid summer, I’m sure your leafy canopy is gorgeous. And by the way, you and Shane are saints for fostering those pups! 🙂 Hope all is well with you two. Stay happy and healthy, Terri

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    1. It seems now our morels pop up late April to early May. We do have them out in our woods. However, I am not good at spotting them but I still try. It is quite gorgeous out here now with all the trees full of leaves. The shade helps keep the temperature more bearable and for that I’m grateful. And thanks for your kind words in regards to the pups. They were a handful but at least we were able to give them a break from the shelter for 2 weeks. I did hear they were adopted quickly after they left here. We are well and happy! Hope you both are too!

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