Feeling Stressed About……

………the upcoming holidays, end of year to do list, finishing your 2020 goals, or world events?

Join me for a new yoga series. I call it “Navigating the Last 8 Weeks of 2020: A Series”

Each week there will be a new level one class (between 20-30 minutes) + a technique introduced in class to add to your toolkit. Each of these techniques will be all about helping each of you navigate the last 2 months of the year.

What a year it’s been and it’s not over. Yoga is the perfect way to close out this crazy year!

On election day(here in the US) Nov 3, 2020, join me for the first class in this series. I think we could all use some yoga on that day!

On Thursday, Nov 5, 2020 join me for a short Workplace Yoga class. This class can be done right at your desk in your chair. No mat, yoga clothing, or special equipment needed.

All classes are prerecorded so you can take them at your convenience.

You can access them by clicking here.

Or join me on my YouTube channel here.

Enjoy. This is my small gift to you as we navigate this crazy year and world we live in.

Share your thoughts :-)

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