10-Year WordPress Anniversary + Big Announcement!

It only seems fitting I make a big announcement on my 10th anniversary with WordPress.

10 years ago today I started a photo blog not knowing what I was doing or even what I would do with it. Over the years I’ve gained a small following, met many wonderful fellow bloggers, and shared many photos and thoughts on this site. My confidence has increased and I have a desire to continue this blog/website indefinitely.

Which brings me to share some news with all of you. As many of you know, Shane and I live on 100 acres of forested land. We have rented the cabin here for the last 6 years and have enjoyed our time out here.

Our 700 square foot cabin in the woods, we have rented for the last 6 years.

However, the time has come for us to move on. Things have changed dramatically for us with the rental situation so we have decided to make a major change.

At the end of this month Shane, myself, and Josie our Boxer will be hitting the road full-time. We are buying a Class-C RV in which we will live and work remotely traveling the US. We are unsure how long we will do this as it’s really open at this time.

Photo by Stephen Pierce on Pexels.com (This is not our rig but what we are looking for)

It’s been a crazy, busy month so far selling off Shane’s shop, going through our house and personal stuff and determining what we will keep and what must go. Selling and donating a lot of it. I must say it feels freeing to let go of so many things we both have hung on to for so long.

All of the shop had to go! As of yesterday, it’s all gone!
A box of toys headed to donation.
Look at all that deprecated technology. Found a place to recycle all of our old electronics.

This is something we have always talked about doing and when circumstances presented themselves we made the decision to go for it. We are both excited and wondering how it’s all going to go. Expect future blog posts about our new endeavor.

I will continue to photograph families and schedule them when I will be in the area. I have repeat clients I want to continue to work with. Plus starting in April I plan to start offering virtual, one-on-one yoga sessions to anyone interested. Shane has some remote opportunities that have come his way and is excited to do something different after running an automotive shop for 21 years.

For those of you that have done something similar, any advice or thoughts on the subject?

Stay tuned for what we are calling Shamy 3.0!

9 responses to “10-Year WordPress Anniversary + Big Announcement!”

  1. This is awesome! I wish you the best of luck and am excited for how you surely will see much of the country. And maybe even Canada! (Mexico still has many lawless areas so I’d steer clear of there in an RV).

    I suspect there’s still space for drumsticks, but not a drum kit, so Shane can jam when you are in towns with such clubs. 🙂

    I am advised there is a lot of free BLM land camping out west. I’ll also tell you that although pricey,, KOAs have great shower and laundry facilities. Many have breakfast diners. So they can be a good stop once in a while. And they have a good reservation site.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Love from Don and Toni, to “Shamy”.

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    1. Thanks Don & Toni! We are very excited about our new adventure. Plenty to learn but also to experience. For now we will still with the US and Canada, plenty to explore for sure.

      Shane is selling the drum kit but I’m sure we can find “room” for the sticks 🙂

      I have heard there is plenty of boondocking available out west. Thanks for the tip on KOA’s, good info to have.

      Stay tuned! As there will be plenty of photos to come!

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    2. Corrine Carter Avatar
      Corrine Carter

      Wow. I am so happy for you two. Also, ME TOO!!! House is for sale, already sold all of my stuff. Been living in my motorhome in my driveway and cannot wait to book! So… Whatcha think about Baja? I know of a nice little race that always needs help 🙂

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      1. Congrats to you Corrine. You will love it! We are 7 weeks into our journey and love it. It was so freeing to get rid of our stuff and just hit the road. Would love to get out to Baja at some point, probably not this year but Out West is on the radar for sure!


        1. Agreed! So, I’m headed west too. We’ll need to meet up. Quartzsite is a thing for winter. Burning Man isn’t for 2021 (but, there’s still a Free Man happening on Labor Day week that I hope to get out to…). Once I make it across the Rockies, I probably won’t be back East of them except to visit family. Remote work FTW! I’m gonna send you two a text message and get some meet up plans together 🙂


  2. Fantastic! Good for you both. A huge change in your lives, but an exciting one. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Karen, we are excited!

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  3. Best wishes for your new endeavor, Amy.

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