Indiana Dunes State Park – Chesterton, IN

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With our start to RV life taking place in April, the weather is less than ideal this time of year, especially in the mid-west. It seems winter likes to hang on for awhile with some warmer weather teasers. Ever on the look out for nice weather, we took advantage of the warmer weather in the forecast and headed for Indiana Dunes State Park for quality time with Lake Michigan.

If you are a beach lover, like me, than you will really appreciate the Indiana Dunes. It’s like being at the ocean without the long drive (if you are in a land locked state like Indiana) or even the crowds of people. Granted we were there through the week but with plenty of shoreline to explore, you are guaranteed to find some seclusion. Especially if you are willing to hike.

Speaking of hiking, this is also a hiker’s paradise with a variety of trails to choose from. There is even a 3 dune challenge for those up for it. We hiked to the top of the tallest dune but did not go for the other two. I felt one was enough to get the dune experience. Plus have you tried hiking in sand? It’s tough for sure. One of my goals is to get back in good hiking shape. I’ve missed hiking and exploring over the winter.

The view from up top was beautiful, especially near dusk but it took a lot of stairs to get up and then back down the other side. Wear good shoes for this hike.

Josie and I had the opportunity to hike 6 miles through a marsh and forest. The return trip of that hike was a few miles along the beach. I can tell you I was in my happy place. Josie would go down to explore the waves and then back up to the dunes for more exploration. We both had a ball that day. It was supposed to rain but the weather gods smiled down upon us and instead it was a day full of sunshine.

I had the chance to not only practice yoga outside but to record my first yoga class on the road. My dream of doing yoga on a beach was realized and I was thrilled with the beautiful back drop for my video. It took some hiking and carrying stuff the half mile hike over dunes to the beach but it was worth it. Bonus, I recorded near sunset with the light just as I like it.

I’m not sure why I didn’t snap a photo of my set up at the beach. But if you are curious here is that class.

Our five days here were spent working and playing. I’ve learned in my 45 years on this planet, always find time to play as hard as you work. If you’ve watched “The Shining”, you remember, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”. This is the mantra I live by. Find ways to work smarter not harder. Then go out there and have some memorable experiences. Take the time because it’s easy to say “one day” and somehow that day never happens. If I can share one takeaway from our life on the road, don’t wait for one day, embrace today for it’s the only one we truly have.

The time spent at the Indiana Dunes State Park were wonderful. The campground is very nice and a short half mile or less hike to the beautiful southern shore of Lake Michigan. Many of the trailheads pick up right from the campground or very nearby. The only downside, plenty of sand made it’s way inside our RV. But I’ll take sand inside any day for the opportunity to spend time at a beautiful beach.

And now onto our next great adventure!

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