Salamonie Lake – Andrews, IN

As we still have some business to tend to in Indiana, we opted for five days at Salamonie Lake on our way back to the Indianapolis area. And we were not disappointed. Since we were camping Sunday through Thursday night there was no trouble scoring a site with a lake view. Plus the area we camped was largely empty during our stay. Only on Thursday evening and Friday morning did it start to get more campers.

We are loving the fact we have the flexibility to stay at popular state parks during the week when they are less busy. Most state parks in Indiana are booked solid for the weekends. Thus far we have other options for the weekends to avoid the crowded campgrounds. For this I’m grateful as this campground was booked for the weekend. It would have been crowded and a bit tight had we stayed.

While at Salamonie Lake the weather was still colder. We ran our heat most nights but each subsequent day the temperatures gradually increased. Josie and I were able to get out for some shorter hikes a few of the days.

After looking at the beautiful lake for four days we were certainly itching to get out on it and explore. Then as luck would have it the weather was perfect for a bit of kayaking before heading out. The RV was moved to the boat launch area to avoid the need to rush back before our 2 pm check-out time at the campsite. With the RV safely parked we spent the afternoon out on the water. The water level at Salamonie was high, giving us access to some beautiful waterways back amongst submerged trees. Here we enjoyed the sights and sounds of nature all around us. I did not take photos as I was just enjoying sitting back and taking it all in via my mental camera.

There was a threat of possibly needing to abandon our campsite sooner than expected due to the lake level rising. We noticed a difference in the water level from our arrival. Once we heard the warning we marked the point of no return for us. Meaning if the water rose to that level we were out of there. Lucky for us the water level maintained and wasn’t expected to rise for a few more days. I personally was relieved for two reasons. 1) No need to give Ralphie sea legs and 2) Was really enjoying the view.

Bonus, I was able to practice yoga and record my next yoga video during our stay here. Love having a nice view for my yoga practice and those that follow my YouTube channel for yoga classes. Plus Josie loves to join me on my mat.

During our stay we had a day of errands to run. Can’t all be fun and games. 🙂 It so happened we went right by the place we bought our RV and decided to stop in to get another temporary tag as our title had not arrived via mail. They had our title so we were able to visit the local BMV and get our Ralphie officially registered and tagged. They were super fast and efficient at the Wabash, IN branch, giving us more time to play. On our way back “home” we stopped into Salamonie River State Forest for a view of the dam and a short hike.

We really enjoyed our stay here. It started out rainy and cold but by the end of the week it was sunny and warmer. The lake view on all sides was an added bonus. The campgrounds were nice and well maintained. Plus we met 2 couples traveling together who invited us to their site for some drinks and conversation. They were the first we’ve had the chance to hang out with at campgrounds as the weather has not cooperated until this point. Tom + Jodi and Dale + Renae were very friendly and such a joy to get to know for the short time we had with them. Their puppy, Cody loved Josie. (Wish I snapped a photo of them all.) We all look forward to meeting many more people on the road and exploring new places.

Side note: Shane and I visited Salamonie Lake back when we first started dating. We mountain biked here and admired the lake. Glad we made a return visit and were able to explore it further.

Up next: McCormick’s Creek State Park

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