McCormick’s Creek State Park – Spencer, IN

We rolled into McCormick’s Creek on a Sunday afternoon. This is quickly becoming our norm. Come in on a Sunday and leave on a Friday afternoon. Helps us avoid the crowds and we have more options in terms of a campsite. After spending the weekend boondocking at our previous neighbor’s house it was state park time.

We had this entire section of the campground to ourselves.

This particular park is only about 35 minutes from our old place. It was always one of my favorites. The beautiful McCormick’s Creek flows throughout the park. Allowing for plenty of “creeking”. Basically walking through the creek and enjoying the cool water on our feet. When it’s really hot we often sit among the rocks and let the water flow over us.

Foot spa day!

However, this was our first time at their campground. It’s quite beautiful, plenty of large trees to provide shade throughout the day. This park is rather popular so scoring a campsite during the week and pre-summer was the way to go. Otherwise reservations are needed throughout the summer as the campground books up quickly.

Our corner spot & the view from the “patio”.

Our time spent here was a combination of doing some work, running errands in nearby Bloomington and playing in the creek. We have hiked the many trails the park offers so we opted for some creek time as it was warmer while we were here.

Our favorite lightly attended spot, just above the falls.

During our stay here, the kids came to visit along with their two dogs. We all had breakfast together in the RV and did some catching up before they headed back home. Also a good friend of ours, Jeannie and her dog Lucy came to visit our last day there. The dogs had a great time splashing around in the water.

Josie and Lucy enjoying the water.

As fate would have it we met an older couple, Jenny & Bill, expressing interest in our Volvo XC70. We need to sell it as it can not be flat towed. But that’s a whole other blog post. I’ll keep you posted on how that all works out in a future post.

There is this cool bridge you cross to get to the campground. This was another favorite spot for us to hang out one early evening.

If it wasn’t for full time RVing, we might never have camped at this beautiful Indiana State Park. Feeling grateful to have this opportunity to explore more deeply some of the local places.

Josie chilling in her chair.

Enjoying an adult beverage creek side.

Wild turkey interested in our Volvo. Another perspective buyer perhaps?

2 responses to “McCormick’s Creek State Park – Spencer, IN”

  1. cummingsmailbox Avatar

    I loved McCormicks creek as a teen and 20-something.   Waded in the creek many times. Maybe I need to do it again! Went to Lieber SRA yest to scout for camping with grandkids.   You may want to check it out!   Pool and a beach and a waterfall. (And a playground for us).  Ciao!

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    1. I highly recommend wading in the creek, so rejuvenating for the feet and the spirit. Ironically we just left Lieber SRA yesterday, Friday afternoon, camped there for 4 days. We were probably there when you were scouting. Our campsite was very nice and shady. Had our little “cul de sac” to ourselves.


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