Lieber SRA – Cloverdale, IN

After the fun weekend in Speedway for the Indy 500, it was time to get back to nature. My happy place for sure. With plans to watch our son and daughter-in-law’s two dogs we wanted to stay within close proximity. Lieber SRA was the perfect choice. Far enough away from the hustle and bustle yet close enough to meet up later in the week for the dog pick up.

Upon arrival on Monday afternoon, Memorial Day, there were plenty of empty sites. We did our normal drive around in the car and scope out sites to meet our criteria. Circling our choices on the map, we headed back to the campground gate office to secure a spot. After running through the list of numbers and finding most of our picks were not available through Friday afternoon we settled on the last of our list.

We headed back to said chosen site only to realize the electrical box was closer to the road instead of their normal spot toward the back of the paved portion of the site. This particular site also had a slope to it. We attempted to park it and level it but quickly realized the electrical cord would not reach the box. Finally we threw in the towel and asked to switch our site, after checking to see which ones were actually open through Friday afternoon.

I’m so glad we switched sites, the next one was very near our previous site. Plus it was much more level. Bonus. It was then we realized we now need a campsite evaluation checklist. There are so many factors to consider and everyone has their own personal preferences. I added that to my list of things to write out while here.

We had this entire “cul de sac” to ourselves during our stay. I realize we are spoiled thus far having sections of campgrounds to ourselves. A huge perk of full time RVing, the chance to visit parks during the week. However, this is the first place our internet was spotty at best. Shane was able to get some internet using our WeBoost but it was slow. I finally gave up one afternoon and drove into nearby Cloverdale to get a bit of work done.

While we were here, it was time to re-do our outside lights. The bugs really liked our door outlined in lights so that had to go. What were we thinking lining the door with lights? It’s like putting up a neon sign saying “bugs enter here”. We went minimal and it works nicely.

It rained a lot while we were here so kayaking the lake was out. To get our exercise we took Josie for walks around the campground. Josie and I ventured out to the only trail they have, the Covered Bridge Trail. This trail is an easy .75 mile walk with, as the name implies, a small red covered bridge. Josie loved sniffing the trail and attempting to chase squirrels. They were always too fast for her and you could see the look of surprise when they shot up a tree.

There were a ton of squirrels at the campgrounds too. Josie would watch them patiently and then off she would sprint, thinking I got him now. You can rest assured no squirrels were harmed as they were just too fast for her. I think they were teasing her perched high above in the trees.

During our last evening at Lieber, we headed into Plainfield to pick up the dogs from the kids. Triston and Amanda were headed to California the next day for a two week campervan trip. We were tasked with watching their 2 dogs. Yes you read that correctly, Ralphie would be at max capacity for the next two weeks with 3 dogs and 2 humans. A combined weight of 220 pounds in dog alone. The four of us took all three dogs on a nice long walk through Hummel Park before having dinner and parting ways. Our three dogs in the RV adventure had begun!

Justice loved the over cab area until she couldn’t get back down. Drax, the 100 pound boxer loved anywhere there was room for him. And Josie, our boxer welcomed her friends into our home on the road. I converted the dinette into one big doggie bed for night time sleeping. No way were we sharing the bed with 3 dogs!

The next morning, all three were watching the nature channel out our slide-out window. The squirrels were very active that morning, keeping all three dogs entranced.

Before packing up and traveling to our friend’s place in the country the dogs got some much needed lake time. It was shaping up to be a hot day. Fetching sticks, splashing in the water, swimming and chasing butterflies to wear them out a bit before hitting the road.

I wish we could have worked in some kayaking but with three dogs in tow, we aren’t that crazy. We kayaked here last fall making our way to Cataract Falls so I could live with just admiring the view this time around.

With nearby Cataract Falls to explore and a beach area to swim there are ways to keep cool and have fun. We did not make it over to Cataract Falls as we were just there at the beginning of this new full time RV adventure. And we did not use the beach area with our 3 dogs, we found a spot away from everyone to let our pups run and splash.

Up Next: Time in the country at our friend’s place (3 dog adventure continues)

2 responses to “Lieber SRA – Cloverdale, IN”

  1. What was your site number? Looks like one I scouted out as well. Flat and open space to the left for patio extension. 🙂


    1. Site #92, it was nice and flat with plenty of space to spread out.


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