Moochdocking – Poland, IN

Similar to boondocking except you have electricity and typically are parked at a friend’s or family’s place. Both are forms of free camping but moochdocking is nice for a couple of reasons a) have access to water and electric b) quality time spent with family/friends. This was not our first moochdocking experience but the first time I heard the term.

For those not familiar with RV lingo, boondocking also known as dry camping, is free camping without hook-ups. Utilizing either solar or your generator for power and usually parked on BLM lands, state forest land or parking lots that allow overnight parking.

Our friend Corrine was gracious to host us for 9 days. She lives on 15 acres in the middle of nowhere. This was the perfect spot to park it for our first week of having 3 dogs. They were able to roam around off leash and check out all that the country has to offer.

Recently Corrine did the same thing we did, although we didn’t know it at the time. It was nice to finally have some time to catch up and exchange RV tips and tricks. My first question was “what made you decide to sell this place and buy an RV?” She has a beautiful log cabin, with a shop, and fenced in yard areas. Plus her property comes with some field area, 2 ponds, and a bit of woods. After living there for 10 years, maintaining the large yard and surrounding area and having a strong desire to get back out west, her decision was an easy one. Sell it all off, buy a newer RV, and hit the road full time.

Her home was empty and she was already living out of her RV in her front yard. As she said winging herself off house living.

Upon arrival we determined the best spot to park was right behind her. Here we had access to the water spigot, outside electrical outlet, and it was level. After we parked, I commented it looked like she was running an RV park. As she still has her old RV parked on the property as well.

Her place is so peaceful and beautiful. Although the cicadas here were quite loud and they seemed to get louder each day. During our stay here we had a couple of challenges to deal with. First, although we had electric, we were limited to 15 amps. Our rig is wired for 30 amps which we enjoy the full 30 amps at campgrounds. We have contended with 20 amps while in Michigan but with 5 less amps, power consumption needed to be carefully monitored. This was actually a good learning experience to determine how much power things draw inside the rig. However, our second challenge was the weather. During our stay here it was hot. Hot and humid to be exact.

As you can tell from the photo above, no trees to provide shade cover. Therefore the AC was running a lot. This presented a problem in terms of power. When we needed to run certain items something else would need to be shut off. It wasn’t really a hardship but more a lesson in learning RV power. Sure we tripped the circuit a few times. A quick trip inside the house fixed that. During the heat of the day, we mostly stayed inside, venturing out as the sun would start to go down. The three pups had plenty of naps in the nice cool AC of the rig.

While we were parked here, it was time to finally tackle the TV project. Thanks to Corrine cleaning house she had an older flat screen TV to get rid of. Which worked out perfectly for us. It was the right size and had it’s own mounting bracket. Shane went to work on the project. Utilizing some of the wood she had left over he planned and plotted out his attack. I must say it turned out nicely.

The top photo is before. There was a small older TV installed with a DVD player and wired for TV antennae. None of which we would be using. It all had to come out.

Having an address to get packages we did a bit of shopping on Amazon for a few remaining items. The cover for the front cab windows proved to be a great investment. The RV stays cooler now.

The dogs had such a great time exploring and especially loved the 2 older horses on the property.

Drax was mesmerized by the horses.

In addition to our 3 dogs, Corrine also has 3 dogs. An older Saint Bernard, named Claire and 2 greyhounds named Dream & Crash. (Sadly, I did not get a photo of the 2 beautiful greyhounds). Clair let our dogs know, this is her territory.

Our stay here was enjoyable as it gave us downtime to work on some projects, catch up with our friend, and enjoy the peace, quiet, and the views.

During our stay both of the kids’ dogs had a birthday. They are now 2 and 6. Drax showed off his underbite for the camera. Justice hid under the passenger seat during thunderstorms. She is scared of any loud noises. This spot was her “safe place”. And Boba Fett, from Star Wars found a new place to hang. I managed to capture a photo of all 3 dogs in the cockpit, now if only we could train them to drive. Plus dinette for two puppies, right this way.

As a token of our appreciation and in exchange for our free camping, electric, water, and access to a washer and dryer, Shane mowed the lawn. It took him longer than he expected. Now we understood why she would give up such a nice place. The yard is a lot for one person to take care of. Plus sometimes you just need a change of scenery. And on that note we packed up and headed back to McCormick’s Creek for our second week RVing with three dogs.

Many, many thanks to Corrine’s hospitality and generosity. We really enjoyed our time here away from it all, despite the heat. But the shade of McCormick’s was calling our name.

Up Next: Back to McCormick’s Creek

2 responses to “Moochdocking – Poland, IN”

  1. Amy, it’s about time I write. I’m enjoying your blogs.You make it all so interesting…..the dogs stories and updates, the photos, kayaking stories, “how to” tidbits, what you’ve learned, your appreciation for nature, and even how much current you use!!!!
    Please keep posting photos snd writing…you’re excellent at both!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Emily, that means a lot to me. I appreciate your kind words. I’m really enjoying sharing our adventures from the road. There is always something to write about and plenty of photos to share. Stay tuned!


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