Reflections: Two Years on the Road!

As I write this post we are currently visiting family and friends in Indiana. Parked in the kids’ driveway with the sounds of the city replacing the sounds of nature. Lawn mowers, airplanes, car alarms, emergency vehicles, construction, and traffic. It is strange to be back in the mix of it all but looking out the window I am still greeted by nature. Robins are pecking away at the grass looking for goodies. Squirrels climbing trees, birds chirping, and the occasional duck hanging out on the front lawn. The sun is shining and the weather is quite perfect right now, mid 70’s with a light breeze.

I feel torn. Happy to be visiting our loved ones and spending quality time with them. Yet I can hear the wild calling and I want to be back there too. Nestled among nature, where the only sounds are natural. It makes me realize how different our lifestyle is and I love it.

Its been two years since we hit the road. Two years on April 1st, and I cannot imagine going back to our old way of life. This nomadic lifestyle is not for everyone but it is very much for us. I feel alive and at peace on the road.

The places we explore, people we meet, experiences we have, memories we make, all of this makes up for the challenges that come up. The good parts of life on the road far outweigh the bad. We plan to continue this adventure until we no longer want to do it.

As for this blog, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with it going forward. I enjoy sharing our stories and photos from the road. However it takes time and work to put the posts together not to mention I pay to keep this site ad free, because I despise ads.

I would love to get feedback from you, the reader of this blog. What would you like to see more of or perhaps less of something? Do you enjoy the posts? Should I keep this thing going? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

In the interest of finally getting this posted (it has been on my list for over a month now) I wish to share some photos and memories from our travels back north.

While camped at Barrington County Park in Georgia we had the opportunity to revisit an old favorite, Jekyll Island. Driftwood Beach is such a neat spot. With giant trees littering the beach, it makes a wonderful playground with trees and branches to climb around on.

Josie was intrigued by this little crab.

I loved the quote on the back of this beer.

After Georgia we went camping with the kids and their 2 dogs at the end of March. Triston, is a middle school teacher, so for his spring break we planned a meet up in North Carolina. We chose Uwharrie National Forest where free dispersed camping is available, along with plenty of fun outdoor adventures and no reservations needed.

Needless to say we had a great time. Four humans, three dogs, and one RV made for some great memories. Sure we bumped into one another here and there but I truly loved having them for the week.

We spent the week exploring hiking trails, kayaking, went off roading in the Jeep, had campfires, great conversations, and shared cooking duties. This was the first time we camped with the kids away from Indiana in the RV. Everyone had a blast!

We had a huge dispersed camping spot all to ourselves for the week. It took all of our boards to level the RV but worth it.

I set up some desk space for Amanda. She had homework to do during their stay. In May she graduated with her Master’s Degree. Congrats to Amanda for all her hard work! As you can tell I was excited for their stay, writing up a welcome message on our chalkboard (“bitches” in this context is a fun term) & preparing the over cab bunk for their stay.

Opening weekend for the off road trails coincided with their last day visiting. Before they were opened, we walked the most difficult trail to scope it out. It was too challenging for our particular Jeep but the views were spectacular. We were able to tackle all of the other trails and enjoyed every minute of it.

This is a section of the most difficult off-road trail. Photo does not do it justice but it was hard enough to hike.

We kayaked to two dams. The weather was perfect for a day out on the water.

Love a good campfire!

Lastly, honorable mention goes to Lee State Park in South Carolina. We stopped here for an overnight on our way to meet up with the kids. This was the first time in our 2 years on the road we had full hookups. Water, sewer, and electric all at our site. We took advantage of it to flush our tanks really well and take an extended shower – letting the water run, oh the luxury! The park itself was quite nice and very few people there during our weekday stay.

Filling up our water jugs at the natural spring near the old cabin built by the CCC back in the 1930’s.

Next Up: Gorge Hopping! (Because yes there will be another post – when I get to it).

Please leave your feedback in the comments below, we love hearing from you all. Pro Tip: if you don’t sign in just leave your name in the comment so it doesn’t come up anonymous.

11 responses to “Reflections: Two Years on the Road!”

  1. Love your post! You are certainly living an amazing life. Don’t feel bad, and do what comes from your heart. Your pics are beautiful and your doggies, I am a dog trainer, are so gorgeous!

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    1. Thank you Marcela for your nice comment. I tend to follow what my heart says 🙂 We certainly love our canine companions!

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      1. Amy, follow your heart. Yes, we do love our canine companions.

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  2. I save every one of these posts, Shamy, because it brings me closer to you without being physically able to hug y’all on a regular basis, as we used to… adored the beer can, but hey – even us old folk can have new adventures that lead to excitement and great memories… keep on posting, please!!!❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Awww…thanks Anne.

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  3. Hey Amy,
    I love reading your posts, you write so well and your photography captures nature so beautifully, such a gift you have!
    You and Shane find the most beautiful and interesting places to visit! I hope you can find a way to more easily manage and continue your Ralphie Rough Road blog!
    All my best!

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    1. Thank you Colleen for your kind words. I really appreciate that. I’m sure I will find a better way to handle the posts going forward. I always love going through our photos to share and reliving our adventures.


  4. Amy, thanks for the great photos of the SE US. They bring back great memories for me. In fact, a tent camping trip on Jekyll Island at the end of our last RTW trip convinced us to move to St. Simons Island, just across the bay. We know that entire area well, and it holds a special place in our hearts.

    Re: continuing your blog. As you mention, blogging (done right) is a labor of love for sure, so it’s hard to advise others. But, what I can say is that our mantra from the beginning (12 years ago) is that our blog is meant to be a fun endeavor, and when it stops being fun, we will stop blogging. And for us, it’s that simple. Over the life of our blog, our enthusiasm has ebbed and flowed, but in the end, we still enjoy it. And one other factor for me personally is that blogging makes me a more observant traveler. With a potential blog post in mind, I pay more attention to details, work harder to get better photos, and look forward to the research. This is probably a lot more than you were looking for, but we’ve had similar conversations with ourselves and I can relate. Best of luck, whatever you decide. ~James

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    1. We visited St. Simons Island on New Year’s Day of 2022 and love it. That area is so beautiful as is Jekyll Island. Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate that from a fellow blogger. I really enjoying sharing our photos and stories. Sometimes the motivation to curate the phots and memories wanes a bit. I think you are right, there is an ebb and flow for sure. And I could not agree more about being a more observant traveler.

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  5. Dear Amy & Shane, I absolutely Love your posts and pics and I’d miss them if you were to stop posting but everyone certainly understands how these days of higher costs for everything can be a drain on the budget. I agree with all of these responses especially the one from Anne!!

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    1. Thank you my dear friend Lisa. To be honest I would miss posting them as well. I just need to find an easier way to put the posts together. And Anne said it well for sure. It is a great way for our family and friends to keep up with us.


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