Hello, we are Shane + Amy

Otherwise known as Shamy to our family and friends. These days we are nomads living and working on the road in our class-C RV, named Ralphie.

About Us

On April 1, 2021 we hit the road as full time RVers and haven’t looked back. Turns out the nomadic lifestyle suits us well. It was a bit of a rough road getting to this point but worth it in the end. We named our RV Ralphie, hence the website name Ralphie Rough Road.

To read all about our backstory check out the link above entitled Our Story.

Follow along with our travels on the blog and/or Instagram.

Latest from the Blog

Louisiana + The Florida Panhandle: Chasing Sunshine + Warmth

The next two months of our journey on the road found us chasing and finally catching warm and sunny days. It involved about 2.5 weeks of so so weather in Louisiana and the Florida panhandle. Fairview Riverside Park, LA This became our home base for a few days to regroup and receive some much needed…

Sunrises + Sunsets: Beach Camping – Part II

The beach camping continues. In case you missed Part I, click here. A short two day stopover at Brazoria Beach proved that not all days at the beach are perfect weather. Both days were foggy, overcast, and cooler. But they were also uneventful, which was fine with us. Ralphie’s First Ferry Ride After our quick…

The Double Edged Sword of Beach Camping : Part 1

After leaving the Fort Worth area we headed south in search of warmer weather. With thoughts of beach camping on our minds we made our way to Padre Island National Seashore, where free camping awaited. Before you feel the jealously monster creep in, read on for tales of our first time beach camping. Yes it…

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